Plastic Surgery Arm lift

An arm lift or reconstruction changes the shape of the lower arm, from the region of the armpit to the elbow. It is often done on those who have flaccid skin due to massive weight loss or natural aging. The procedure is often done along a liposuction to remove extra fat.

Why consider an arm lift?

As you get older, the skin on the upper arms changes, sinks and loosens. Significant weight loss can also cause the lower part of the arms to fall. While exercise can strengthen and improve muscle tone in the upper arm, it can not address excess skin that has lost elasticity.

How does it work?

During the procedure, incisions will be made in the lower part of your arms. The length and pattern of the incisions depend on the amount of skin that will be removed. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will tighten the underlying tissues and secure them with stitches. You can also use a liposuction technique to remove fat.


How do I know if I am a candidate for a brachioplasty?

A good candidate for an arm lift is a person who has flaccid arms or a combination of extra fat and skin. Typically, the younger the patient, the better, although age does not always matter, and the best candidates are those who are in good health and have realistic expectations about surgery.

Is there a visible scar with arm lift surgery?

After the procedure there is a long scar from the armpit to the elbow, although the degree of care given to the affected area greatly contributes to the visibility of the scar, there is a possibility that it will be visible until at least 5-8 weeks after surgery.

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