Male Surgery Calves augmentation

Calf augmentation surgery with implants is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps strengthen the size and definition of the lower leg. It will also correct legs that show visible deformation of the calf or an imbalance caused by an injury or medical condition.

Why consider calves augmentation?

Many men find it difficult to grow and sculpt their calf muscles even after spending time in the gym. For these men, implants are an excellent option to increase volume and definition. This procedure also offers a solution for those men who feel that their proportion is not even. For many people it is easier to develop the upper part of their body and have more difficulty adding muscle to their legs, especially in the calf area. This often results in a very uneven appearance between the upper and lower part of the body by which men tend to be self-conscious.

How does it work?

In this procedure, solid and flexible silicone implants designed in a variety of shapes and sizes are used to adapt to the natural contours of the lower leg. After surgery, patients enjoy greater confidence because their legs have a more defined and muscular shape. This surgery is common among bodybuilders who want the appearance of larger and more in shape gastrocnemius.


Am I a good candidate for calf implants?

Almost anyone, dissatisfied with the shape of their calf or its symmetry, can be a good candidate for calf augmentation. Potential patients should have good general health, understand the procedure and have realistic expectations for their results.

Where will the incisions be made during calf augmentation?

The incisions for the calf augmentation with a silicone implant are located along the fold behind the knee, well hidden in the natural anatomy.

When can I go back to work after calf augmentation?

Most patients feel well enough to return to work a week or two after the calf augmentation procedure. In four to six weeks, the most strenuous exercises and vigorous activities can be resumed

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