Facial Surgery Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

Ottoplasty creates a more natural shape while providing balance and proportion to the ears and face. The correction of even minor deformities can have profound benefits for appearance and self-esteem. If protruding or disfigured ears bother, you can consider this plastic surgery.

Why consider an ear surgery?

Ears that are too large seem to be the most common complaint that can be solved with an otoplasty. These massive tips can distract from important facial features and elegant hairstyles. The unwanted attention that is attracted by large ears has a tendency to generate social anxiety. Fortunately, you will no longer feel stressed by the size of your ears. Both sexes can be witnesses of advantageous results.

How does it work?

The incisions for an ear surgery are usually made in the back of the ear, but sometimes a frontal incision is required to fully address the individual problems. If one is required, incisions will be made in the folds of the ear so that they are not visible to others.


Where are the incisions made?

The incisions for otoplasty are often hidden behind the ear.

Will I have scars after the surgery?

Although the incisions made for otoplasty produce scars, they are hidden since they are usually located behind the ears.

When can I exercise after my otoplasty procedure?

Strenuous activities and contact sports may need to be postponed for approximately one or two months

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