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Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Gonzalez Salim removes the masculine characteristics of your face to reveal the woman that you really are. Because the facial feminization surgery is performed respecting the normal proportions while the incisions are placed in hidden places, the results are very natural.

Why consider a facial feminization?

The goal is to soften masculine characteristics in a more typically recognized feminine form. Surgery is commonly pursued by transgender women or transgender unassigned men at birth. It can also attract cisgender women.

How does it work?

Facial Feminization adapts to each person and can cover all aspects of the face and neck. This focuses mainly on the bone structure and the shape of the nose. Soft tissue, such as facelifts and neck lift, can be incorporated when necessary.


Will I continue to look like myself after a Facial Feminization?

The central character of someone's face is really very difficult to change and, in general, it will only make you look like a more feminine version of you, so you should still be fully recognizable to yourself and to everyone else.

Of course, the more it has been done, the more the face changes and it is possible to take facial surgery to a level where it may be more difficult to see yourself in the result. This is more likely to occur when someone has repeated cosmetic procedures or has extreme changes. The purpose of Facial Feminization must be to reveal the female version of your own face.

Will I have visible scars?

Be assured that the surgeon will do everything possible to hide the incision lines and avoid visible scars. Discuss the scars and how to prevent them with it, but also remember that the scars fade.

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