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The human hand suffers the ravages of aging in a very similar manner to the face. The soft tissue in the hands, which gives them their volumizing appearance, gradually depletes as we get older, leaving veins, tendons and bones hidden in our youth more prominent and visible. It also receives as much exposure to the sun as the face, and they are less protected. As a result, they suffer from pigmentation and texture problems.

Why consider a hand rejuvenation?

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, much attention is paid to facial rejuvenation. But, even if your face looks young, carefree and refreshed, your hands can still reveal your true age. Over time, the volume of soft tissues in the hands gradually depletes during the natural aging process. As a result, the skin becomes loose and wrinkled, and the veins and tendons appear more prominent. There is a full range of hand rejuvenation treatments that can help restore youthful volume, improve skin texture and tone, and reduce sun damage and age spots.

How does it work?

While our hands can suffer just like our face, these can be treated with a variety of rejuvenation treatments. There are several ways in which your young volume can be returned to your hands, improve texture and skin tone, and decrease sun damage and age spots. A combination of injections, filler or fat transfer will be used to give your hands a more youthful appearance.

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