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As far as the face is concerned, chin augmentation is the more common option for plastic surgeons. The process consists essentially of adapting a synthetic implant to provide the desired facial contours. It is also possible to increase facial features with fat that has been harvested in another area of the body, and then reinjected into the desired location.

Why consider a chin augmentation?

To correct the asymmetric characteristics. Facial symmetry is at the center of our beauty canons. The disproportionate characteristics create a feeling of an unbalanced face. Chin implants can be used subtly to equalize the asymmetrical sides of the face for a more balanced and pleasing appearance.

How does it work?

Doctor will consult with you to determine the best method that will keep you comfortable during the chin or cheek augmentation. This may include general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Once the appropriate medications have been administered, the necessary incisions will be made; usually, they will be placed under the hairline or inside the mouth to avoid a noticeable scar. Then, the incisions will be closed and the results of the procedure will become evident over the next few weeks, as the body recovers and the inflammation dissipates.


Can a chin implant be performed at the same time as a neck liposuction of the or face lift?

Yes. Neck liposuction removes fat and a chin implant provides definition. The balance and definition result in a more youthful appearance. The face lift removes excess skin and tightens the underlying muscle layer. The combination of these procedures often gives the best final result.

How long will the bruises and swelling last?

Postoperative bruising and swelling begin to fade by the end of the first week. The complete resolution of bruising or swelling can take two to six weeks. However, you can camouflage bruises quite easily from seven to ten days with concealer.

When can I exercise?

Aerobic activities should be avoided during the three weeks after surgery. Any activity that potentially increases blood pressure will increase the amount of time it takes to resolve postoperative swelling.

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