FACIAL Surgery Neck and jowl liposuction

A thin and elegant neckline is a key component in the overall facial profile. Excess fat or loose skin in the neck area can develop at any age, either as a result of a slight weight gain or simple genetics. Neck liposuction is a simple and effective procedure that can help create a beautiful and natural-looking line on the neck in people who have a slight amount of excess fat or slight laxity of the skin on the neck.

Why consider a neck and jowl liposuction?

Patients with extra fat in the neck are potentially helped by liposuction, but other factors should be considered. The best situation is obviously the thin patient who has a double chin. But there are heavy patients whose chin is disproportionately thick compared to the rest of the body, or even heavy patients whose chin is not disproportionate, but who wish to reduce it. These individuals may be good candidates, but it is important to recognize that if a lot of weight is lost, the neck may appear too thin.

How does it work?

During liposuction of the neck, general anesthesia will be used. A small incision is made under the chin and removes the fat in this region. You can also cut or suture the muscles that cause the bands in this area. It may be suggested to add a chin implant to balance the basic shape of the face. This can be especially useful to improve the profile with a receding chin and to redefine the jaw line. Once the contour of the neck has been achieved, the incision will close.


Will I have scars after the neck liposuction?

The incision made for liposuction of the neck is a small hidden incision that produces an imperceptible scar.

When will I be able to exercise again?

Exercise and other strenuous activities can be postponed for at least two weeks after the neck liposuction procedure.

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