Breast Surgery Nipple-areola reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction is the recreation of a nipple and/or areola in the most protruding portion of the breast mound.

How does it work?

The new nipple is usually created from the skin of the reconstructed breast mound. The areola is reconstructed with a skin graft, which can be removed from the inside of the thigh or abdomen. The incision is well hidden, but it is more painful and slower to heal because it is located in an uncomfortable place in the crease where the thigh joins the pubic area. Care should be taken not to harvest this skin from an area that has a lot of hair to avoid transferring it to the wall of your chest.


What is the time difference for the reconstruction of the nipple if a patient needs chemotherapy?

Reconstruction of the nipple-areolar complex is performed after completing chemotherapy once the patient has recovered. Usually, this is the last stage of the reconstruction and the chemotherapy is completed at an earlier time shortly after the initial breast cancer surgery.

Will my reconstructed nipple look like a real one?

It will not be as sensitive as a real nipple and on a thorough examination, you may find small incongruous features, but the end result may seem totally real. Since we are talking about human biology, there are always variations and surprises in what nature provides.

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